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JCB Recognizes Best Kaizen Jim Fountain at 2014 Annual Awards CeremonyConstruction Equipment GuideThe term “kaizen” is Japanese for “good change” and in that spirit, is a new award for 2014 at JCB North America. This award honors an individual who has implemented an improvement in a process, product, system or technology that resulted in cost …

Ramen Lab Debuts Tonight With Noodles Based on a 100-Year-Old Recipe (nymag)

**A sample bowl.**
After several utility-company-related delays and a few weeks of fine-tuning the bone broths simmering away in the stock pots, Sun Noodle's Ramen Lab will debut tonight at 70 Kenmare Street.
The concept is twofold: From 5 to 10 p.m.,Tuesday through Saturday, the tiny venue's chef Shigetoshi Nakamura, who happens to go by Jack, will cook a few kinds of soup for ten customers at a time. Ramen Lab's daytime hours are reserved to continue the company's industry-specific work, such as meeting with chefs who are opening ramenyas around the country, or those like Ivan Orkin, who have detailed specifications for custom noodles.
Nakamura, who was once described as leading Japan's second generation of excellent and innovative ramen chefs, is opening with two kinds of ramen: First up, there's a sprout-topped miso variety ($14), with nira, green onions, and XO sauce made by Kaizen Trading Company, the fermentation-heavy product arm of the Momofuku restaurant group.
The second comes with a backstory. Co-owner Kenshiro Uki says that the torigara shoyu ramen ($13) is based on a 105-year-old type with a "very, very clear broth" made only from chicken, and some ultrathin, wavy noodles. The style serves as …

Beer Kaizen!